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2020 Meeting Schedule

Meetings begin at 7pm.


January 28-Denton Township 

March 24-Markey Township

May 26-Denton Township

July 28- Roscommon Township

September 22-Lake Township

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About Houghton Lake

Houghton Lake is Michigan's largest inland lake. It is an extraordinary resource that provides fishing, boating, swimming, and other recreational opportunities

to thousands of people who use

and enjoy the lake. Houghton Lake

is an important part of the local


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Recognizing the need to effectively

manage Houghton Lake, the Houghton Lake Improvement

Board was established in 2000 under provisions of Michigan's Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act. In accordance with state law, the lake board is composed of a representative of each of the four townships that border the lake, a county commissioner, the county drain commissioner, and a

lakefront property owner. Several members of the Houghton Lake Improvement Board are lake residents. The Lake Board has made the coordinated management of Houghton Lake possible.

Houghton Lake Improvement Board Members

Jim Deamud, Chairman                   Jack McCauley
Denton Township                                           Riparian Member

hlibchairman@gmail.com                          jandrmccauley@hotmail.com
Norm Fullmer, Secretary/ Treasurer  Rex Wolfsen  
Markey Township                                    Roscommon County Drain Commissioner

hlibsecretary@gmail.com                          drains@roscommoncounty.net
Matt Peterson                               David Russo
Roscommon Township                             Roscommon County Board of Commissioners

matt@fishbonescustomlures.com                 houghtonlakesteamway@hotmail.com
Keith Stiles                                  Chip McCullough   
Lake Township                                      Alternate: Drain Commissioner

keith@primefurs.com                               mcculloughchip@hotmail.com

Dick Pastula                                Tim Muckenthaler

Alternate: Roscommon Township                Alternate: County Commissioner

pastula33@charter.net                              timmuckenthaler@roscommoncounty.net

Howard Hatherly                           Lynn Baese

Alternate: Markey Township                      Alternate: Denton Township

hhathe@msn.com                                    lynnbaese@yahoo.com

Robyn Daniels

Alternate: Lake Township